Himalayan Gems and Jewelry | The Beauty and Elegance of an Unenhanced Emeralds
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Unenhanced Emeralds

The Beauty and Elegance of an Unenhanced Emeralds

The perfect gemstone can make any ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings look gorgeous. Any time that you are trying to craft special pieces for yourself or to use for your business, it makes the best sense to use stones that are of the best quality possible so you can achieve that fantastic look that will take people’s breath away. There are lots of different stones you can select from, but few come close to the wonder that an emerald can offer you. To truly get the right gem, you want to make sure you get a real, unenhanced emeralds to provide you with the ever lasting best look.

A Muddled Market Today

The market for emeralds and most gemstones has become quite muddled in recent years. Many companies have turned to producing gemstones in laboratories instead of getting natural stones from mines. While these stones may be more affordable, they are not real gemstones and do not provide you with the same value. Most emeralds you find for sale today have also been treated in several ways, most commonly with oil that is used to fill in the cracks improving the clarity of the emeralds that you have come to know. It is important that you know as much about any stone you are considering to purchase before you buy it, so you know what to expect.

The Unenhanced Emeralds We Offer

At Himalayan Gems and Jewelry, we can provide you with a variety of different types of emeralds, including the hard-to-find unenhanced emeralds. We do have some stones in our inventory that have never been treated in any way, making them unique and rare showing the exceptional beauty of finest emeralds. With every emerald we offer for sale, we provide you with full disclosure as to the source of our emeralds, whether or not the stone has been treated, degree of treatment, and what type of enhancement oil used for each particular gem. This full disclosure allows you to make the most informed decision for your purchase, allowing you to understand the real value of the gem you get.

A Fine Emerald Selection

We regularly offer a variety of emeralds for sale, including an unenhanced emeralds. You can see our current inventory of items to see if anything fits your particular needs by visiting our website at www.himalayangem.com. You may also call us directly at 619-484-6408 to ask any questions you may have about our emeralds and how we can help you to get the perfect, elegant emeralds for the jewelry you want.

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