Amazing Afghan Emerald 0.75 carat - Himalayan Gems and Jewelry
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Amazing Afghan Emerald 0.75 carat



Beautiful Very Slightly bluish Green color with medium-light tone and strong saturation!! 

Panjshir Valley is the home to the finest emeralds in the world. Emeralds from this source form hydrothermally and chromium trace elements cause the beautiful shades of green in them. Panjshir is the only source in the world producing the finest emeralds competing and sometimes rivaling Colombian emeralds. 


Color: Green

Dimensions: 8.52 x 3.98 x 2.85 mm

Weight: 0.75 carats

Shape/cut: Step cut/Emerald cut (precise)

Treatment: Minor (Cedar-wood oil only)

Clarity: Slightly included (almost eye-clean only a small crystal in lower left crown facet, faintly visible)

Hardness: 7.5-8

Origin: Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan 

Per carat price: $1200/ct

SKU K7-1

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