Himalayan Gems and Jewelry | AGL Certified Amazing 4.46 Carats Vivid Green AFGHAN (Panjshir) Emerald!
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AGL Certified Amazing 4.46 Carats Vivid Green AFGHAN (Panjshir) Emerald!



Outstanding very slightly bluish-green color with medium tone and vivid saturation!! The color is an intense green and the crystal is of magnificent upper extra-fine quality!!


Panjshir Valley is the home to the finest emeralds in the world. Emeralds from this source form hydrothermally and chromium trace elements cause the finest coveted shades of green in them. Panjshir is the only source in the world producing emeralds that compete and rival the best Colombian emeralds. 



Color: Vivid Green

Dimensions: 12.89 x 8.30 x 6.68 mm

Weight: 4.46 carats

Shape/Cut: Cushion/precision cut by master cutter Meg Berry

Treatment: Minor Cedar oil (AGL Certified)

Clarity: Slightly included (only 2 vertical liquid inclusions in the stone that are slightly visible and can’t be spotted once the stone is set in jewelry. Inclusions can be seen only when you tilt the stone and once set it will look eye-clean).

Hardness: 7.5-8

Origin: Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan 

Per carat price: 6000/ct



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