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Tourmaline’s name comes from the Sinhalese word for mixed gems: toromalli. It’s a term Dutch merchants applied to the multicolored, water-worn pebbles that miners found in the gem gravels of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Very few gems match tourmaline’s dazzling range of colors. From rich reds to pastel pinks and peach colors, intense emerald greens to vivid yellows and deep blues, the breadth of this gem’s color range is unrivalled. Parti-colored tourmalines that show distinct and equal fine color zoning with two or more colors are among valuables in tourmaline family too. Tourmaline is the Birthstone for October. Himalayan Gems and Jewelry is offering fine tourmalines sourced from the mines in Nuristan region (Ghazi Abad district) and Pech Valley (Pech and Chapa Dara districts) of Kunar province in Afghanistan. We offer only untreated tourmalines to our customers. The two most important tourmaline treatments are heating and irradiation. Many green and blue tourmalines are heat-treated after they’re cut and polished. Treatment usually lightens and brightens the original color rather than changing its hue.