Himalayan Gems and Jewelry | Why is a No Heat Certified Sapphires More Desirable?
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certified sapphires

Why is a No Heat Certified Sapphires More Desirable?

The world of gemstones can be confusing to someone that does not have intimate knowledge of just how the industry works. There are all kinds of terms thrown around when referring to different gems and their quality that unless you know what all of the terms mean, you may not have a clue as to what you are actually buying for your gems. In the end, you may end up paying a lot more for something that may not be the top quality that you had hoped it would be for you. Such is the case when it comes to  certified sapphires. We hear the terms treated and untreated, heated and unheated, discussed all of the time! So why is a no-heat sapphire more desirable than the other options?

The Truth about Certified Sapphires

What you do need to know about certified sapphires is that the large majority of what you find sold in the marketplace today are heated and treated in some way. Sapphires are typically heated because heating enhances the color of them, making its deep, blue color richer and darker. The heating helps to remove any green tints that the stones may have and it can also in some cases assist in healing some fractures that may exist in the stone itself. Occasionally other treatments are used on certified sapphires along with the heating to help enhance the look and clarity. This does take away from the pure beauty of the stone.

Finding a No-Heat Option

Finding a no heat sapphire can be more difficult in the market today, but if you can find one, you will get a stone that is in its rare and untreated condition. This stone will have the purest look and truest color to the stone and finding a sapphire that has true high clarity is something very rare these days. When you work with us at Himalayan Gems, most of the certified sapphires we offer are untreated and you get the purest stone possible. Those that have been treated are noted in their description, and we always disclose their true identity, so you are kept completely aware.

See Our Beautiful Sapphires

If you would like to see a no heat sapphire or other beautiful gems that we are currently offering for sale, you can visit us at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry by going to our website at www.himalayangem.com. You can see our current inventory or please take the time to call us directly at 619-484-6408 so you may speak with us and discuss the sapphire you may want and we promise to work with you to find you the best, most beautiful gem possible.


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