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Afghanistan Sapphire

Buy an Afghanistan Sapphire Gem

Many people outside of the jewelry world may not realize it, but Afghanistan is known as one of the homes to some of the finest gems in the world. Mines throughout the mountainous regions of the country allow for some of the best lapis lazuli, emerald, ruby, aquamarine, garnet, spinel, and amethyst among many others. The mining hidtory goes back to thousands of years in this region and people all over the world look for the beautiful stones that Afghanistan can produce. While relatively new and rare, there are also sapphires that are becoming available from this region to rival some of the best in the world. You have the chance to buy an Afghanistan Sapphire Gem when you work with us at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry.

The Story of Afghanistan Sapphire

Finding a pure, untreated sapphire is difficult to do in today’s market. While you need to deal with stones that are artificially created in a laboratory, you also need to know that most sapphires sold today have been treated in some way to enhance color and clarity and make the stone more desirable. While this treatment is commonplace in the market, a reputable supplier will provide you with full disclosure so that you are aware of just what treatment has been performed, and you will know what to expect from the stone. While many of the most desirable stones come from mines in the Kashmir region, we have begun to offer sapphires from Badakhshan province in Afghanistan. This deposit was found in early 2016 and reportedly its inclusions resemble sapphires from Kashmir!

A Special Gem for You

When we show you an Afghanistan sapphire we at Himalayan Gems, you are looking at something truly special. Our sapphires are primarily untreated, providing you with a truly rare and unique gemstone that you may not see from anywhere else. Our sapphires are mined in the Badakhshan mines found in Pamir Mountains in the Himalayas, Afghanistan. The extreme beauty you will find in these gems is unmatched. We also offer some treated sapphires and we always fully disclose the particular treatment applied to the gem so that you are aware of what you are getting.

Find the Stone You Want

If you would like the chance to buy an Afghanistan sapphire gem, please take the time to look at the selection of gems we have available on our website at www.himalayangem.com. You can also contact us directly at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry by calling us at 619-484-6408 and speaking with a member of our staff to discuss your gemstone needs and we can make recommendations to you to get you the perfect shape and cut of gem that you need.

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