27 Jan The Amazing Story of Afghanistan Lapis Lazuli

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The Amazing Story of Afghanistan Lapis Lazuli

The history of Lapis Lazuli is rich and interesting. The use of this precious gemstone dates back to more than 6500 years and is considered among the oldest used for jewelry. Civilizations such as the early Egyptians, the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese all used Lapis Lazuli in their cultures, and it was highly prized for its great beauty. The history and beauty of this gem still carry on today, and Lapis Lazuli is used throughout the world in some of the finest jewelry you will find. If you have an interest in the Afghan Lapis Lazuli, we at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry can offer this fabulous stone to you in different qualities.


From the Mountains of Afghanistan

Badakhshan, a province in present-day Afghanistan, is a forbidding wasteland of mountains, bare of any vegetation. The sheer mountain faces rise as high as 17,000 feet (5 km), this location is the oldest source in the world for the finest Lapis Lazuli and it remains the source for the finest Lapis Lazuli in the world today. The ancient mines that were used long ago are still producing some of the top color and quality of the gems world over, the deepest mid-night blue and most genuine color. with little or no flecks of pyrite, and no presence of calcite.


We Offer the Best Quality

When you want genuine Afghan Lapis Lazuli stones for your jewelry, we at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry, are the source you want to use. We take great care in procuring ethically mined authentic Lapis Lazuli from ancient mines of Bactria, long known as the historical region that provides the finest lapis that the world has seen. Our gems are among the very precious and the most prized in the world and they are the perfect match of excellent stones for all kinds of jewelry. We will help you throughout the process and can cut, tumble, polish and customize the stones to your liking, so they are perfect for any setting.


Find Out More About Our Lapis Lazuli

If you are looking for ethically mined and finest Afghan Lapis Lazuli, wholesale or retail, you want to contact us at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry. We are one of the first companies in the world that offers conflict-free gemstones from Afghanistan to the world with a high-quality control system in place. For any inquiries contact us directly about this gemstone by calling our facility at (571) 662-7591 or e-mail us at akhaled@himalayangem.com to discuss the available stock with you or arrange for the magnificent custom pieces that you need to create for your jewelry, carvings, ornamental materials, chess boards, bowls, or sculptures.