27 Jan Finding Authentic Ethically Mined Wholesale Gems of the Best Quality

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Finding Authentic Ethically Mined Wholesale Gems of the Best Quality

Getting the best stones for all of the work you provide to your clients or customers, or for your jewelry can be challenging in today’s marketplace. While the Internet and computers have made it easier for you to get information regarding wholesale jewelers in your area and around the world, choosing among all of the listings that you will find, can make finding the right place just a chore for you. It is always advisable that you work methodically and take your time choosing a quality source so you can be sure you get the best and most ethically mined authentic gems possible. At Himalayan Gems and Jewelry, we always recommend you go through a process of searching for wholesale gems so you can be sure you get just what you need.


Do your homework

As tempting as it may be for you to simply purchase stones from the first wholesaler you find in your search that has nice pictures posted on their website, you are much better served by taking your time and doing homework on any wholesalers that you consider. Do you want to take a close look at their pictures and find out if there are photoshopped? where their gems are sourced from? Are they conflict-free? And what their history is like, and how other customers have felt about the gems they have purchased in the past. Gathering all of this information before you make a purchase can help you feel better about whom you are doing business with for your purchases.


Know Your Sources

Anytime you are considering buying wholesale gems, it is always important to know where the gems are sourced from so you can be sure you are getting something authentic and ethical and not helping any conflicts in the sources unintentionally. At Himalayan Gems and Jewelry, we obtain our gems through legal and ethical methods. We DON’T allow child labor in our mining or cutting operations and we continuously improve safety measures at any level of mining to production. We developed a proprietary system that tracks each gem as it travels through our value chain by implementing a vertically integrated system. We record and track the gemstone’s movement and we are, at any given point, able to tell you who handled your gem, where it has been, and where it has come from, which includes the name of the mine and the miner who mined it. We take great pride in the products we offer and that all of our gems are conflict-free.


Talk to Us about Gems

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale gems for your business, please take the time to contact us directly at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry by calling (571) 662-7591 or e-mail us at akhaled@himalayangem.com

To get the best and most ethical gems for your items, you can see the selection of gems that we currently have available for purchase by visiting our website at www.himalayangem.com