Himalayan Gems and Jewelry | Himalayan Gems and Jewelry
Shop from the Himalaya’s largest selection of rare gemstones and jewelry. We bring you some of the finest quality straight from artisanal miners. best deals for Wholesale Gemstones.
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About Us

We specialize and deal in natural gemstones from
The historical Himalayas where the best of gemstones in history is produced, At Himalayan Gems and Jewelry, we source the rough and facet the stones by our professional cutters located in Los Angeles and sell only beautiful and unique gemstones that inspire the creation of exceptional jewelry. We track our material from the day it is sourced from the mine in the Himalayas to the day it sits on a piece of jewelry. Our knowledge about our gems is always the key to the disclosure of the true identity of our gemstones.

exclusive rare natural gemstones

We mine or buy the rough from the artisanal miners and export them legally.

Highest standards

We connect cultures and create forever-lasting friendships with our vertical integrated business system


I believe that the best way to give back to a region is through the use of business partnerships to enrich the lives of the people.



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