27 Jan A Rare and Beautiful Prize – The Panjshir Emerald

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A Rare and Beautiful Prize – The Panjshir Emerald

Finding beautiful gemstones for the jewelry you own or give as gifts, is as much of an art as it is a science. There are countless stones you can choose from, and each has its unique presence, look, feel and design. For many people, the beauty that an emerald can provide to a unique ring, bracelet, or necklace is unmatched. Of course, to get this special look means using the best emeralds that you can get for your pieces. There are emeralds available from many different locations around the world, but here at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry, we can offer you the rare and unique opportunity to use a Panjshir emerald, one of the finest in the world, for your piece.


The origin of these emeralds

We offer ethically mined emeralds from the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan. This area is home to many emerald mines today that provide stones unlike emeralds found in other parts of the world. While the bulk of the emerald supply may come from places like Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, and recently Ethiopia, the emeralds found in this valley, at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, which is located at some of the world’s highest elevations at around 5000 meters above sea level, are unlike others that you will see. Panjshir Emeralds are known for their intense green color and are recognized as representing some of the best on the planet. Emeralds here have been mined for thousands of years but have not been available in this part of the world until just recently. Himalayan Gems and Jewelry is one of the first, and largest, companies in our era to ethically and legally commercialize emeralds from Panjshir. Now, we are the bridge to bring the finest gems from the Silk Road to you. And you now have a rare opportunity to enjoy gems from the Panjshir Valley like never before.


Legal and Ethical Emeralds for Your Items

Of big concern today is the acquisition of gemstones via legal and ethical means that benefit the miners and the regions the stones come from. Our Emeralds at Himalayan Gems and Jewelry are all obtained through legal and ethical methods. We DON’T allow child labor in our mining or cutting operations and we continuously improve safety measures at any level of mining to production. We developed a proprietary system that tracks each gem as it travels through our value chain by implementing a vertically integrated system. We record and track the gemstone’s movement and we are, at any given point, able to tell you who handled your gem, where it has been, and where it has come from, which includes the name of the mine and the miner who mined it. We strongly believe in giving back in support of those who allow our business to prosper, and we continuously work to develop local schools, training centers, and safety classes to offer higher wages for the locals and improve their standards of living. Ethical mining is heard and spoken by everyone in the jewelry industry but in Himalayan Gems and Jewelry, it’s our practiced business ethic following the high standards of the mining industry. When you buy any gems from Himalayan Gems and Jewelry, you are the first owner of these precious and rare gemstones, and you have the assurance that your gem is yours and has never been worn by another. We stand behind each item we offer to ensure you are getting the best quality available for your needs.


See Our Stone Selection

If you have an interest in the Panjshir emerald and would like to purchase a stone to use in your piece of jewelry, please take the time to see our current offerings at our website at www.himalayangem.com. You may also contact us directly at 571-662-7591 to speak to a member of our staff and talk about any custom order.